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Letter: GOP state legislators put Trump ahead of people


Why does the Republican-run state Legislature want to hold hearings on the 2020 election, which had good outcomes for state and local Republicans (“Hearings to start this week in probe,” Reading Eagle, Aug. 24). Their party won in November, maintaining majorities in the House and Senate while having much success at the local level throughout Pennsylvania.

Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman said, “ …we remain committed to conducting a full investigatory audit of recent elections to improve our election system going forward.” Gee, maybe all those Republican winners got in thanks to fraud.

Why isn’t the Republican majority doing some real legislative work like passing laws reforming the property tax system so seniors are not overly burdened by school taxes or streamline the bloated state government, specifically the Legislature itself, so tax dollars are not wasted in Harrisburg.
We also need legislative action against gerrymandering, whereby elected officials pick their voters rather than the opposite.

Republicans in Harrisburg are kissing President Donald Trump’s ring and pandering to a loud base of voters who seem to want to tear down our system.
I hope citizens use critical thinking and good judgment come November 2022 to vote the bums out.

Thomas Gery
Lower Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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