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Letter: Illegal immigration plays key role in overdose crisis


“A grim turn” (Reading Eagle, Nov. 18) informed us that there were more than 100,000 overdose deaths in the United States in a recent 12-month period — considerably more than in previous years. The article went to great lengths to describe the terror and horror of the deaths nationally and the tragedy of 141 deaths to Berks County families.

As a person involved in substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation for many years, I thought it was very good to strongly detail the need for treatment and rehabilitation and the need for law enforcement to catch drug dealers and hold them accountable. The article stated that most of these drugs come through Mexico and China and made clear that something must be done to stop the flow coming into this country.

How strange is it that nothing is said about the federal government welcoming thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants into this country every month and into Pennsylvania. It is documented by law enforcement that the lack of vetting allows drugs and criminals to enter our country.

Not controlling the source is like individuals jumping off of a cliff and we are at the bottom trying to catch them rather than building a fence to stop them from jumping. Building a fence does not fit the agenda.

Richard Esterly
Amity Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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