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Letter: Is neglected border Trump’s only issue?


Our political system is an embarrassment. In the absence of proposals and issues for the upcoming campaign, the Republican Party, under the direction of former President Donald Trump, decided to make sure the southern border would be a main issue.

The recent border bill, though not perfect, was developed with the leadership of Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona independent; James Lankford, a conservative Republican from Oklahoma; and Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut. It was a chance to see what working together can achieve.

At first, Republican senators were supportive. Then Trump directed his lackeys to say it did not go far enough. House Republicans said it was dead on arrival. How can one self-centered person run the Republican Party? He and the party leaders are a disgrace.

Do we think that if unemployment and inflation were high and our economy would have been in recession, that the border would be the only issue Trump would be touting.

Other issues need bipartisan solutions. These include our debt, Social Security solvency, health care costs, the environment, joining with other democratic nations, the Middle East, North Korea, China and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the last few years, infrastructure legislation was the only major bill that Washington leaders passed by working together.

We are Americans first. Let’s forget our political leanings, work together and find solutions to our problems.

Note: Let’s pass an aid package for Ukraine. The people there are dying for democracy.

Clyde Myers
Upper Bern Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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