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Letter: It’s right for us to recall what happened to Indians


The U.S. government will be developing a national park and reserve in the Macon, Ga., area, remembering the Muscogee (Creek) Nation history and customs (“Muscogee Nation gets say in national park plan,” Reading Eagle, Sept. 22). This is fantastic.

Now, for some interesting history. The Trail of Tears was a decision of the United States government to forcibly remove American Indian tribes from mainly the South into areas west of the Mississippi River, namely today’s Oklahoma. It’s a sad history, for sure, so it lives up to its name.

One reason for President Andrew Jackson’s decision: many Indian tribes had supported Britain against the U.S. in the War of 1812, including (not all-inclusive) Iroquois, Potawatomis and Shawnee.

The Northern Muscogee supported Britain while the Southern Muscogee supported the U.S. The areas for all Muscogee spread from southern Tennessee to northern Florida, including Alabama and western Georgia.

Yes, proceed with a national park and reserve so that people have an outlet to remember their history. The Creek still are mainly in Oklahoma, but they have supported and bought land to expand the new park in Georgia.

Indians who supported Britain were defending their homeland for fear of an American takeover, but there were still Indians who supported the U.S.

May our Indian history live on.

Chris Chandler
Cumru Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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