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Letter: It’s time for electorate to seek serious candidates


According to columnist Jeff Edelstein, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the only one who can unite our country (“Only one person can bring our nation together again,” Reading Eagle, June 19). Johnson is exploring a 2024 run for the U.S. presidency.

Edelstein is correct that the country is politically divided with insanity to be found on both sides of the aisle. I would like to believe his assertion that the majority of us belong to the third group, “The Reasonables,” but judging by the results of recent primaries for lower offices, this may not be the case.

Edelstein is also correct that anyone can seek this office — provided they meet the minimum eligibility requirements of Article II of the Constitution regarding age and citizenship. Obviously, not everyone who is eligible would or should seek to hold office.

One would hope that the electorate seeks individuals who possess the character, temperament, knowledge, skills and policy positions they value, such as honesty, fairness, constitutional order and rule of law.

Being only somewhat familiar with Johnson’s roles in scripted Hollywood productions, I have no basis on which to evaluate the true character or qualifications of the man. Governance is serious work. It is not a reality TV show or social media popularity contest as some people, including former office holders, seem to believe.

Cynthia Steele
Exeter Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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