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Letter: Keep attention on Biden rather than predecessor


It baffles me as to why letter writers want to constantly bring up President Donald Trump. In some ways it seems to make them feel better about the total lousy job President Joe Biden has done.

At least Trump had real press conferences, not these softball comedy affairs because Biden couldn’t answer a question without stumbling over his words. Can you imagine reelecting Biden in 2024? He’ll probably be on the verge of senility.

When Trump was president, columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. bashed him mercilessly for four years. But he doesn’t seem to have anything to say about Biden.

I’m not a Trump bootlicker. I want Biden to do well. As he goes, our country goes.

This bickering really should stop. I told a very good friend of mine recently that we shouldn’t talk about this anymore because all we do is argue. I intend this to be my last letter on anything political.

Kurt E. Matthes
West Reading

Source: Berkshire mont

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