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Letter: Key issues overlooked In debate over border bill


Republicans in Congress will not vote to approve the package negotiated by members of both parties in the Senate because they don’t agree with how it addresses border issues. What seems to be being lost in the shuffle is that aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan also is not being approved.

It was understandable that Republicans in Congress wanted to tie aid to Ukraine with the border issue because this gave them leverage to force Democrats to make concessions on the border. Those concessions angered part of the Democratic base, weakening President Joe Biden’s support.

What is not understandable is Republicans’ willingness to sacrifice Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Ukraine needs U.S. ammunition, and other countries cannot supply it.

Republicans demanded that aid to Ukraine be tied to the border issue. Now, they are willing to hand Ukraine to Russia. This is not an “over there” issue: once Russian President Vladimir Putin sees that we are not willing to support other democracies, he will feel empowered to attack other neighboring countries. If those nations are a part of NATO, we are required to go to their aid. Not only is it legally required, it is morally right.

Countries supported us after Sept. 11, 2001; it is morally wrong to refuse to support Ukraine in its battle against invasion. Please remember this when you vote. Call or write your representatives to tell them what you think of this issue.

Christine Halliday

Source: Berkshire mont

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