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Letter: Lawmakers should oppose redistricting measures


Much has been written in recent days about the House and Senate maps proposed by the Legislative Reapportionment Commission.

Republicans claim the maps unduly favor Democrats, but it is undeniable the maps do retain a slight Republican bias.

Non-white population increases are fueling a shift in rural-to-urban statewide population counts. This has led to more compact and more rational House districts in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Lehigh, Reading and Lancaster. The LRC has not finished modifying the maps, so no one should start counting their blessings yet.

Voters should pay close attention to two bills related to redistricting being voted on this week in the House.

House Bill 38 will be familiar to voters because last year there was statewide opposition when it was proposed.

This legislation would require candidates for high court judgeships to run in regional districts decided by the Legislature, providing an opportunity for increased partisanship in elections. The state Supreme Court decided congressional districts in the last cycle.

The second bill being considered is House Bill 2207, which would create a commission to supplant the LRC.

Under this proposal, the commissioners would largely be chosen by legislators. This is perceived as another opportunity to skew results in a partisan way.

Both bills should be opposed vigorously because they are both amendments to the state constitution that were rammed through without open discussion and public input.

Call your legislator and urge them to vote no.

Patricia Rooney
Honey Brook

Source: Berkshire mont

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