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Letter: Life can be so sweet on alternate side of the street


After enjoying not having to leave the house after Christmas, on Monday at noon came the time to move my car for the street sweeper.

With the sweeper poised for his clockwork run, I turned the key on my vehicle and … nothing. As I was about to make a call for roadside assistance, I noticed the auto repair shop at the top of my street — which I’d never patronized — and decided it was worth a shot.

I entered the establishment and introduced myself and my predicament. To my surprise, the proprietor said they would help without payment because we are neighbors. Wow.

With moments to spare before an impending ticket for blocking the street sweeper, she dispatched an attendant who provided me with a much-needed jump.

To both our surprise, my flashers came on, which I must have inadvertently left on while it was parked on my busy street since Christmas Eve.

My car started, and I knew to keep it running for at least 20 minutes to recharge the battery.
Inspiration struck. I took a drive to buy flowers as a thank you to my gracious rescuer who wouldn’t take money as payment.

As I reentered the establishment, she greeted me with the kind eyes I had met just a half-hour before and said, “Oh! You didn’t have to do that!” I smiled and said, “Happy New Year! And thank you, again!”

As I left, I thought of her kindness. She didn’t have to do that either.

Louis Bridgeman

Source: Berkshire mont

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