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Letter: Making masks optional puts many kids in danger


The rights of students with disabilities are being trampled by some Berks County school districts and by Pennsylvania’s Republican “leadership.” The Pennsylvania GOP fought for the right to manage the pandemic, and since voters granted them that privilege, they’ve (predictably) failed to take even one single action to help Pennsylvania through this crisis. Instead, they responded to Gov. Tom Wolf’s reasonable request to pass a mask mandate for all public schools with their usual collective shrug.

Students with disabilities have the right to the same educational opportunities as their abled peers. Telling them to either stay home or put themselves at greater risk of injury or death so that some people aren’t mildly inconvenienced is grossly negligent and a disastrous violation of student rights and of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I encourage parents of disabled students in Brandywine Heights, Conrad Weiser, Daniel Boone, Hamburg, Tulpehocken, and Twin Valley school districts to contact their school boards and elected representatives and demand action, and then contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania to fight for each child’s rights to an equal education.

There’s proof that masks slow the transmission of COVID-19. As the delta variant continues to sicken and kill young people, it is imperative that legislators do their jobs and mandate masking in all Pennsylvania public schools.
To do anything less would be a disgraceful dereliction of duty.

Jill Greene

Source: Berkshire mont

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