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Letter: Moran’s portrayal of Reading does not reflect reality


In “State of the city” (Reading Eagle, Jan. 31), Mayor Eddie Moran said Reading is “prospering.” That is not the word I would choose. I am working in the city, and the alley behind the house is loaded with trash. Fences are falling down and blocking passage. Houses are deteriorating to the point of replacement instead of repair.

The courtyard in the 800 block of Penn Street is beautiful. What about the rest of the city? It seems Reading officials are more worried about the ramifications of doing their job than doing it. I believe this kind of thinking could put police officers in dangerous situations. Police should not have to second-guess themselves while doing their jobs. We need to back the police and allow them to enforce law.

The mayor and City Council need to put down the rose-colored glasses and look at the real picture. You can put a fancy dressing on a wilted salad, but it’s still terrible.

Ralph Kreider
Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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