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Letter: Obsession with Jan. 6 overlooks 2020 rioting


Let’s consider what happened on Jan. 6 and what happened for many long months last year. People still complaining about the Jan. 6 break-in at the Capitol must think nothing of the long and disastrous months of rioting in 2020.

In the videos I’ve seen, the people who broke into the Capitol just walked around the place, not destroying or stealing or killing anyone. People were fed up with everything going on and wanted to protest, not riot.

The people of America have had it with what happened last year. Rioters broke into businesses and stole everything they could. They destroyed businesses and churches. They killed people, including a police officer protecting a friend’s business. Another officer was shot in the head and remains on life support.

Do the people still complaining about Jan. 6 think that was worse than what happened during the eight months of hell in cities run by Democrats who did nothing about it? President Donald Trump offered to send the military, but Democratic mayors and governors said no. If the first riot had been stopped in its tracks, the others would not have happened.

We have more to worry about than Jan. 6. We should worry about how pathetic President Joe Biden is making America. We don’t take proper care of our veterans or disabled people, but Biden will take good care of illegal immigrants coming into our great country.

This president is lawless and disgusting. Our great country is going to hell.

Janet Spatz

Source: Berkshire mont

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