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Letter: Parents’ rights do not usurp public health


There is a lot of rhetoric that states, “I know what is best for my child.”

Parents certainly know their child, but unless they have a certain area of expertise, the opinion they have formed about what is best isn’t necessarily factual.

Masks prevent the spread of disease. Disease spreads through saliva droplets ejected from our mouth and nose when we cough, sneeze and speak. Each of us has been the recipient of saliva droplets when we are conversing with a friend, and this is where the host infects the recipient.

This is simple and factual. There is no denying the veracity of this statement. Masks prevent those saliva droplets from landing on another person.

If a parent states that a mask does not prevent the spread of disease, then that parent is wrong.

If a parent does not want their children to wear a mask in school, they may pursue alternatives such as homeschooling and online learning.

We are in the midst of a public health crisis like the world has never seen.

Each of us needs to recognize the solid facts of community spread and, at minimum, wear a mask when in a densely populated setting.

Wearing a mask is a choice. Not wearing a mask is also a choice.

Being a parent does not make someone an expert in public health

Let us trust those who are experts in these areas, because only in doing so will we ever beat this disease.

Dr. Brian M. Schwab
Alsace Township
Editor’s note: Schwab is a Maidencreek Township dentist.

Source: Berkshire mont

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