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Letter: Pay American veterans, not illegal immigrants


Someone in Washington needs immediate psychiatric attention. Someone is insane. People are crossing our southern border Illegally. They are committing a federal crime. Get this: Some insane individuals want these criminals to be paid $450,000 each for being separated from their children while in federal custody.

Let’s figure this out. Mom, dad and three children may be paid, by us taxpayers, $2.25 million. What? And while they were in U.S. custody, they were fed, given medical, eye and dental care and received prescription drugs. I pay for my dental care, eye care and prescriptions.

I propose that all American citizens who served in the armed forces be paid a like amount. Many of us were separated from our families, and some of us were shot at. I was on an aircraft carrier for nine months. I wasn’t being shot at, but I was certainly missing my wife and family. I have friends who were in the jungles of Vietnam and didn’t know if they’d come home at all. Some from our area did not return.

I knew pilots who catapulted off the USS Kitty Hawk and did not come back. I was on the USS Forrestal and knew many of the 139 sailors and Marines who died in a massive fire in 1967. The families of those who never returned should get a $1 million check. When will this insanity end?

Joseph F. Rebar

Source: Berkshire mont

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