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Letter: Postmaster general leads agency down the drain


According to the U.S. Postal Service’s Informed Delivery system, I was to receive 13 pieces of mail but no packages today. With error comes joy and sadness.

My joy was that I did receive a package, a book I had been awaiting, sent from Great Britain for an outrageous price: 13 pounds. What did not show up was my regular mail delivery. Again, the postal service under that sadness, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, did not deliver. It has failed to do so a dozen times in the past two years. In the decades preceding they failed exactly zero times.

One can accept, albeit reluctantly, delivery times haphazardly ranging from before noon to after 8 p.m. (And applaud carriers navigating our dark streets after daylight saving time ends.) But no mail is no good.

DeJoy was appointed during the Trump administration but not directly by the president. His base salary is about $305,000 per year. Such a sum is not munificent for someone living in Washington nor reason enough to bear the burden DeJoy bears. Except he has another residence and gobs of money and obviously relishes the postmaster job. I, for one, would relish seeing him in the unemployed line.

Dan Downing
Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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