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Letter: Profits accompany quest for energy alternatives


When I was a young man, atomic energy was touted as the cure-all for fossil fuels and carbon emissions. So nuclear power plants were built and huge profits were made. Then it was noticed that there were no plans as to how to dispose of the toxic waste.

The next boondoggle was ethanol. Large tracts of land were removed from food production. Large subsidies were given, and huge profits were and still are being made, even though studies have found that the production of ethanol creates more carbon emissions than it reduces.

Now we’re about to plunge into “green energy,” with no viable plan to acquire the raw materials, largely controlled by China, for such a vast project, nor a plan to dispose of the toxic waste. Lithium-ion batteries cannot be dumped in landfills or easily recycled.

But there are huge profits to be made, not for the taxpayer but for China. Then too, the families of President Joe Biden and his climate envoy John Kerry are heavily invested in China.

Charles Moyer
Robeson Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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