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Letter: Pursuing election audit will accomplish nothing


I just finished writing to my state legislators, begging them to help stop any efforts to conduct an Arizona-like “forensic audit” of the 2020 presidential election here in Pennsylvania. I did this not only because I don’t believe there was any fraud but because these audits will do nothing towards restoring voter confidence — the very guise under which they are being promoted.

On Sept. 24 the results of the lengthy, money- and time-wasting audit in Arizona were finally revealed, and what did they find? In short, no evidence of fraud, a few more votes for Joe Biden and a few less for Donald Trump. And what did all this accomplish? Nothing. Why? Because after learning of the results, Trump continued to insist he was the victim of widespread fraud in Arizona. His followers will believe him, and the Arizona audit will yield nothing toward the restoration of faith in our electoral process. We really need to publicly identify and quash the real fraud that has compromised our elections.

John Heffelfinger
Penn Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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