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Letter: Republicans don’t mind debt that they accumulate


Washington Republicans had no problem with the $7.8 trillion increase in the federal debt under the previous administration. We were told that President Donald Trump’s tax cuts (a gift for the wealthy) would pay for themselves. That was a lie. But now Republicans are up in arms about the $1.85 trillion (over 10 years) proposed by Democrats to give much needed relief to the bottom 80%.

It’s not hard to recognize where Republican priorities lie — with their mega-donors, billionaires and their self-enrichment. The Nation reports, ”Since 1978 the salaries of CEOs have jumped 940%, while workers’ earnings have risen just 12%.”

Clearly the Republican policy of trickle-down economics is not working. When comparing the U.S. with other countries in terms of longevity, childhood poverty, health care, education, income inequality etc. our rankings leave much to be desired.

Rather than sponsoring and passing legislation that might benefit average workers, Washington Republicans spent years trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act. And let’s not forget that at the 2020 GOP convention there was no party platform, just rancor, bluster and blame. The Republicans’ plan seems to be voter suppression and misinformation in a desperate attempt to gain power and keep their billionaire friends happy. Voters must do their homework and distinguish the difference between fact and fiction.

And no, giving workers a pay raise is not socialism.

Jeanette Winkler
Ruscombmanor Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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