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Letter: School board races matter to everyone


With the upcoming elections, citizens should pay close attention to school board candidates, regardless of whether they have children attending the schools. Why? The quality of education and corresponding programs in the district can affect home value and their community.

Consider their understanding of the position. A school board member has one vote within a board of nine members. Their role is primarily to set the policy of the district, not engage in day-to-day operations. Do they make claims outside the power of an individual board member?

Consider their promises. Are they contradictory? Are they claiming they won’t raise taxes while planning to opt out of federal funding? Does their platform assert transparency while hiding behavior and social media posts?

Consider efforts to improve the community. Are they looking to make positive impacts or to criticize the district? Do they promote community events? Do they volunteer at school and community activities?

Consider their intentions. Are they repeatedly pushing the same political topics? Do they lead local political parties? Do they aspire to another political position? Are they participating in political rallies?

Look at their actions. School board members are our neighbors, members of our church, parents and grandparents of our children’s classmates or teammates. Do they have a vested interest? Do their children attend the schools and participate in its activities? Can they hold a teaching job without controversy or disciplinary action?

Make your vote count in November. Local school board elections matter.

Suzette Hagan

Source: Berkshire mont

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