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Letter: School boards to blame for high property taxes


In “Where’s our relief from property tax?” (Reading Eagle, June 22) Jim Hertzler places blame on the Republicans for not addressing property tax reform. He says the state doesn’t properly fund schools. I thought, “How can’t we have enough money to fund our schools and properly educate our children?”

My question was answered in the following day’s paper. The headline reads, “Board approves 5-year contract.” It explains the salaries that were approved by the Schuylkill Valley School Board. Those salaries range from $59,053 to $108,601 over the length of the contract. With another 1.75 % raise in extracurricular stipends for teachers to run the scoreboard and go on class trips.

Nowhere did Hertzler address teachers unions and their demands that actually cause the rise in property taxes. Exorbitant salaries for nine months’ work. Outrageous pension plans that the taxpayer covers. Excellent medical benefits that the average worker doesn’t come close to.
I’ve heard of rampant nepotism in public schools, overlooking the most qualified job candidates for a family friend of another teacher or district official.

I would say that is the cause of high property taxes. If Hertzler wants property tax relief, he should address the problem and not play politics by placing blame.

Eric Mazur
Bern Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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