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Letter: Social media must focus on positive messages


After reading about the Facebook whistleblower’s testimony, I deeply considered the reasons I, and many others, use social media platforms.

In recent years, the direction of this platform has changed — and not for the better. Instead of seeing my beloved friend’s and family’s posts, I see the widespread misinformation about vaccination dangers and “incompetency” of our government.

As Facebook is a multibillion-dollar company with almost 3 billion users, the agenda of its officials must be combated.
With the widespread influence the COVID-19 pandemic had on individuals, specifically young generations, misleading information on vaccine safety, increasing deterioration of mental health — especially among young women — and an overall increase in polarity must be stopped before the consequences increase even more.

As a young woman, I know the lives of young children are at stake in this battle against misinformation. A threat to our security is not just a governmental issue, it’s all of ours.

Not all the comments on social media are negative. Using media to empower women; spread awareness of social and ethical issues and create a communicative network of friends, families, and colleagues must be the focus for Facebook and its counterpart, Instagram.

When disagreement turns to compromise, the world becomes a better place.

Madelynn Miller
Longswamp Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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