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Letter: State is wise to require mask wearing in schools


I praise the new masking policy for students, teachers and any person inside school buildings (“Masks are back,” Reading Eagle, Sept. 1). Gov. Tom Wolf made the announcement, but the mandate was coming from the state Department of Health.

For Republicans in the state Legislature to react with “swift rebukes” just shows the political slant to the situation. I am especially confounded by Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward stating that Wolf’s approach is not based on data. In fact your article shows that Wolf had presented data of the worsening cases. And it wasn’t just from him. It was from acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam and her department.

The science is there. Wearing a mask prevents the spread of this insidious virus and is a reasonable, low cost (monetarily) option that is extremely valuable health-wise, and considerate of all human beings, regardless of party affiliation.

I am fed up with the political approach to the health of every American citizen. This has killed people of all walks of life around the globe. It’s time everyone works together to end this nightmare.

I wear a mask.

Julie Beth Drey
Spring Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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