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Letter: There’s no comparing COVID to 1700s smallpox


“Washington had it right on vaccine mandate issue” (Reading Eagle, Oct. 6), fails to mention the reason Gen. George Washington mandated the smallpox vaccine for the military. The mortality rate in 1775-1782 for Viorla major, the more common smallpox variation, was between 30%-50%. That could have decimated our military and possibly changed the outcome of the war.

The letter decries pushback against COVID-19 vaccine mandates today. But it fails to point out the huge difference between forced military vaccinations for the 1770s smallpox virus with a mortality rate of 30% to 50% and forced vaccination for COVID-19 with a mortality rate of 1.6% of those infected and mortality rate of 0.21% for all Americans.

The letter is comparing apples to submarines.

Thomas Ryan

Source: Berkshire mont

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