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Letter to the editor: EMS work nothing short of heroic

EMS work nothing short of heroic

When traumatic incidents and serious illnesses affect people in our community, there’s a special group that runs to their aid, regardless of the risk. Our first responders are prepared to care for our friends, family and neighbors at all times, and they do it with a profound mix of courage and compassion.

Among others, our police officers, firefighters, dispatchers and emergency medical service (EMS) providers maintain a level of discipline and fortitude that saves lives in the face of danger and exhausting shifts.

“EMS: Where Emergency Care Begins” is the theme of National EMS Week this year, and it couldn’t be truer of the skilled and selfless people I call colleagues. Our paramedics, emergency medical technicians, pre-hospital nurses and doctors, and everyone who works with them to coordinate and deliver care are the first on scene in our moments of greatest vulnerability, when every second counts.

They care for us with great dedication and at considerable personal sacrifice, because they love their work and the communities they serve.

EMS Week takes place May 21 through 27 this year, and we encourage you to join Geisinger in celebrating and thanking our EMS providers for being the front line of emergency care in our neighborhoods. Not until our times of need do we truly recognize how critical they are to our well-being. And even as you read this, they are making a difference in someone’s life right now.

David Schoenwetter, DO
Chief of Geisinger’s Division of Emergency Medical Services

Source: Berkshire mont

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