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Letter: Trump opponents overlook Biden’s significant flaws


Why is it that people who oppose former President Donald Trump because of his personality find President Joe Biden’s behavior totally acceptable?

If you don’t like Trump’s rhetoric, change the channel. But when he was president, he talked almost daily with journalists, even those who showed their disdain for him. Under Trump, we had closed borders, our own oil supply, a full Strategic Petroleum Reserve, less crime, more jobs and lower expenses. People could save money and buy a house or car. Like him or not, he deserves credit for the great things he did for this country.

Conversely, Biden is short-tempered and rude, but nobody seems to notice that.

He’s a career politician, and you can’t believe half of what he says. He rarely holds press conferences and takes too many vacations. He caused the deaths of Americans in Afghanistan yet had the audacity to callously look at his watch three times during the ceremony that brought those soldiers back to the U.S., as if he was bored. He ignores rampant crime and caused a catastrophe at the border that he blames on Republicans. He is handing out free perks to illegals that Americans don’t get. Meanwhile, we taxpayers, who are footing this bill, are living paycheck to paycheck.

He likes being the “big man” in the room, and his family’s dealings with our enemies puts at risk the country he was sworn to protect.

We need to apply logic in our next election. Actions speak louder than words.

Terri Yiengst
Exeter Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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