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Letter: Trump supporters overlook truth about his presidency


To believe “Trump looks very good in comparison to Biden,” (Reading Eagle, Oct. 4) requires denial or memory loss. The “flourishing economy” the letter attributes to President Donald Trump was inherited from President Barack Obama. Trump trashed the economy with his criminally incompetent handling of the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in the worst job loss since the Great Depression and the needless loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives. This is Trump’s lasting legacy.

Trump’s other legacy is his inciting an insurrection against the Capitol on Jan. 6, encouraging deranged followers and believers of his “Big Lie” to become domestic terrorists against the United States government. For that, Trump should have been thrown out of office. Instead, his Republican bootlickers in the Senate acquitted him, putting their own political careers ahead of the interests of the country and the American people that they’re supposed to serve.

President Joe Biden’s administration so far has certainly not been without problems, but I’d gladly take him over another four years of Trump.

Michael P. Pardo
Lower Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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