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Letter: Trump’s tribalism is undermining America


Former President Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment is dividing Americans against each other. His repeating of lies until they’re perceived as true is today’s Republican mantra. “Stolen election” and “massive voter fraud” are repeated after 60-plus losing court cases. Yet Republican Pennsylvania senators want yet another costly “fraudit” at taxpayer expense to prove their bootlicking skills. Any lack of confidence in elections comes from their poisonous lies, not reality.

Believing Trump’s denials of the COVID-19 threat cost more than 688,000 Americans their lives, so far. Remember hydroxychloroquine? Dr. Anthony Fauci has served since 1984. He led successful responses to MERS, AIDS, SARS, avian flu, Ebola, H1N1, Zika and West Nile. Few heard of him before because every other president did what he said. Trump often did the opposite.

Contradictory beliefs abound. If “all lives matter,” then shouldn’t you wear a mask to save others? “My body, my choice” means only them, not women pregnant against their will. The impregnator skates. Laws passed by Republicans say you cannot be forced to deliver a wedding cake, but you can be forced to deliver a rapist’s baby.

Trump’s policies and tax cuts raised the national debt by $7 trillion. The debt ceiling was quietly raised three times. Now “fiscally responsible” Republicans won’t raise it one cent, refusing to pay the bills already run up under Trump. Defaulting threatens the entire world economy.

Trump’s tribalism, bolstered by right-wing media, is undermining America.

MaryEllen Davidson

Source: Berkshire mont

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