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Letter: U.S. misses opportunity to get Afghanistan right


My Sept. 3 letter (“Use air base to complete Afghanistan evacuation”) indicated how to get the Tailban to use the Bagram Air Base to remove our people. A copy was sent to the White House.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was put in charge of getting our people out. If my advice had been followed, our people would be out by now, but Blinken instead decided to suck up to the Taliban using diplomacy. This failed and exposed us to extortion.

Blinken could have certified and gotten out the people who helped us several months ago by consulting with the troops that worked with them. That didn’t happen because of red tape.

The Taliban respect force, not the cowardice shown by Blinken. Meanwhile, those who helped us are being killed by the Taliban.

Blinken said he had no indication a collapse was coming. That’s a lie. The Afghan military was abandoning territory for months before the final collapse.

The Afghans were willing to fight (more than 50,000 deaths) as long as we backed them up. Only an idiot would believe that removing air support would have no consequences.

Hal Brossman
Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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