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Letter: Washington politicians cause lots of confusion


As a nonpartisan voter, I am shocked by the chaotic circus our government has decayed into. These things confuse me.

  • Why would we teach our children that their math doesn’t have to be perfect? Would you like to drive over bridges built “just close enough”?
  • Why is $3 billion too much for a safe, secure border but $8 billion not enough for illegal immigrants?
  • In President Joe Biden’s bill that no one seems to know its cost or what’s in it, how does $200 million for a San Francisco park help unemployed workers in West Virginia, Kentucky or New York?
  • Why do politicians who are millionaires enjoying the fruits of capitalism wish to destroy the system that enriched them?
  • If someone tries to come in your back door without your OK, why shouldn’t you use aggressive tactics?
  • Why did our politicians, Department of Justice and FBI become so corrupt, and at whose behest?

Charles Moyer
Robeson Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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