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Letter: Washington warmongers practice business as usual


It’s business as usual on Capitol Hill.

Exactly two days after the remaining U.S. troops flew out of the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, and one day after President Joe Biden declared a new era in foreign policy, the House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to raise the 2022 defense budget by $37 billion to a record setting $778 billion.

Fires have been raging throughout the West, a devastating hurricane slammed Louisiana and the COVID-19 pandemic is setting records for new cases and hospitalizations.

Yet our representatives seem to be most concerned with appeasing defense contractors who might be concerned about losing their lucrative contracts in Afghanistan.

The truth is that by pouring billions of dollars into more weaponry, the United States is not safer.

On the contrary, drone strikes and bombing innocent civilians including women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and other countries serves only to increase the threat of terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens here and abroad.

Can nothing stop the Washington warmongers from wasting taxpayer money and lying us into the next war?

Louise Legun

Source: Berkshire mont

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