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Letter: We need more people to use common sense


Common sense is the ability to determine through experiences and research the potential results of an action. Some examples include: turning around when cars are stuck in a washed out road; taking your umbrella when there’s a forecast for an 80% chance of rain.

Most people use common sense and will eliminate the chance of problems. But we know some will not, and it may be the person in the mirror.

Examples when people fail to use common sense include our former president’s actions and statements. Remember his claims that the pandemic would not last long and that injecting a disinfectant will kill the virus, and his march to a Washington church where he held up a Bible. A U.S. representative stated that Jan. 6 was a normal day in Washington.

To me not getting vaccinated is lack of common sense. Why people refuse to follow medical advice proved by research is puzzling. The main excuse seems to be, “It’s my personal freedom.” That is a very selfish reason not to get vaccinated, wear masks, and practice social distancing. Those practices will provide safety from the hospitalizations and deaths.

The personal freedom excuse has had a great impact on everyone with whom we have contact. This selfish attitude has entered the mainstream of our society and is negatively affecting our daily lives.
Today, discussion, compromise and working together for solutions have become almost impossible. So please, before taking action whether physically or verbally, put on your common sense hat.

Clyde Myers
Upper Bern Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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