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Letter: Why do Republicans want more money for charter schools?


“Legislation to automatically increase funding for school choice advances” (Reading Eagle, Jan. 20) discusses Senate Republicans’ efforts to get additional funding for Pennsylvania private schools, also known as charter schools. Gov. Tom Wolf, who opposes the request, estimates it would take $1 billion in funding from public schools.

The biggest charter school in Pennsylvania is the Chester Community Center, owned by Philadelphia attorney Vihan Gureghian and the only charter school authorized in Pennsylvania through 2025 despite underperforming in testing. Gureghian and wealthy conservative donor Jeff Yass, who also supports this funding, are major contributors to Republicans.

These schools are for-profit with little accountability and are funded by the taxpayers. One wonders why Republican senators are requesting more money.

If this request passes, don’t complain when the school tax inevitably goes up. Readers might want to contact Republican senators and ask them why they are in favor of additional funding.

David Korinchock
Mount Penn

Source: Berkshire mont

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