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Letter: Why expect solutions from people behind problems?


Right now we are experiencing numerous issues; inflation, recession, climate change, crime, drugs, illegal immigration, etc. that affect our lives. And we have a lot of people, especially politicians and government bureaucrats, who are telling us they know the solutions to each and every one of the issues we are facing.

If they are correct, I have one question. Aren’t these the same people who got us into our present situations by telling us in the past that they knew the solutions to the issues we had back then?

So why should we believe they can solve our present issues when they are the ones responsible for helping create them? If you believe they have the answers, I have a bridge in New York City I want to sell you, cheaply.

As a small example, I have a real issue with all the landfills we have created to fill up many of the beautiful valleys we have in this world. Why would we do that? To solve the issue of all the throwaway items we produce and use? Why not stop making these products?

It seems to me that man is not the solution to our issues. He is where our issues come from.

Charles Loose
Lower Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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