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Marwin Gonzalez says he ‘blacked out for a second’ after Brewers catcher hits him in face

MILWAUKEE — Marwin Gonzalez said he “blacked out” after being hit on the side of the head by Brewers catcher Victor Caratini as he threw the ball back to the mound. He said he thought he would be OK and passed a concussion test.

“I was kind of blacked out for a second and my legs were a little shaky. I was out for a minute. That’s the reason why the trainer didn’t want me to keep going,” Gonzalez said. “I tried to [stay in the game] but he didn’t want me to because he said it wasn’t good symptoms.”

In his first at-bat of the night, Gonzalez had taken a strike and Caratini got distracted when throwing the ball back. His hand and the ball hit the left side of his face, where Gonzalez had a red welt and scratch marks after the game.

“I was dizzy at the moment that happened. It got me pretty good,” Gonzalez said. “I didn’t realize how good he got me until I saw the video. I thought it was the ball when it was actually his hand.”

Gonzalez had left Friday night’s game with dizziness and nausea, but said he felt better Saturday morning.


Source: Berkshire mont

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