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May the 4th Corrupt You: Star Wars-themed haunted house will open for one day

May the horror be with you?

On May 4, there will be what might just be the world’s first Star Wars-themed haunted house in Manayunk.

Lincoln Mill Haunted House will change into space mode for what operators are calling May the 4th Corrupt You, a new Star Wars-inspired haunted house.

As the story goes, a long time ago, in a town not so far away, there was a textile mill where many workers were tortured.

Among them, was a dark force that corrupted the minds of the living. Recently, this evil force has returned. To unveil unnatural activity, the basement below the mill has been lit up in ultraviolet light and it was discovered that this evil force has been spreading. It craves life and is seeking new hosts.

“We originally planned on doing our Halfway to Halloween event in early May and the first Saturday happened to be the 4th of May, also known as Star Wars Day,” said Lincoln Mill Haunted House Co-Founder Jared Bilsak. “As a Star Wars Fan, it seemed too good of an opportunity to put a twist on the Lincoln Mill story and to offer a Star Wars-inspired horror experience.”

Star Wars fans are invited from across the Galaxy to 4100 Main St. in Manayunk for this all new experience at Lincoln Mill.

Warning: Proceed with caution as this experience is meant to be scary. Over 30 “scare actors” will bring the experience to life.

Tours are 7 to 9:30 p.m., with tickets $32 per person or $55 for VIP. Tickets are on sale at

“The Star Wars story and characters are so strong and has inspired me when writing the Lincoln Mill story,” Bilsak said. “I always saw our main villain, Viktor Kane, as having many similarities to Darth Vader, one of the greatest villains of all time.”

During the exclusive outing, guests will venture through the hidden chamber that has been changed to ultraviolet light, giving the attraction a cosmic feel.

The soundtrack has also been changed to featuring cinematic Star Wars music but with a dark, horror twist. The character makeup and costuming will also be unique for this event featuring sith-inspired makeup and black sith robes. There will also be several other nods to Star Wars throughout.

“In Star Wars, there is a constant clash between good and evil and the evil force is constantly striving to spread its influence,” said Bilsak. “At the Lincoln Mill, Viktor Kane and his allies were corrupted by an evil force in the 1930s which led them to the dark side. The basement below the mill is haunted by their dark spirits that seek to spread their influence just like in Star Wars. We thought it would be interesting to take interactivity to the next level for this event and to gamify the experience. Guests will find themselves trapped in the basement of the mill and will need to escape without being touched by the corruption, the evil force that is tethered to the mill. If they make it out of the mill, they will be able to determine if they were ‘corrupted’ or if an imprint has been left on them.”

May the 4th Corrupt You is the sixth pop-up and off-season event for Lincoln Mill in Manayunk, which was always part of the plan when the building was repurposed after Hurricane Ida.

After a wildly festive and successful Christmas-themed holiday haunt in December and Viktor’s Valentine in February, plus the new A St. Paddy’s Nightmare, Lincoln Mill returns for a second year with an all new experience.

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