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New Documentary about Adoption

by Marabella Enterprises

“Being adopted is a beautiful, strange, wonderful, and challenging experience. What strikes me most about my adoption experience is the energy and effort I invested to fit in, and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt that I belonged.”

This perspective from Santo D. Marabella, the executive producer and film subject of Il Mio Posto a Tavola (My Place at the Table), is the heart of the new short documentary – the universal need to belong and the debilitating loneliness that can result when we feel we don’t. The documentary is produced by his company, Marabella Enterprises, and Schott Productions.

Marabella said, “I’ve wanted to tell my story for a long time, and now, in this way, seems right! Tracy (Schott) and I have assembled an incredibly talented team of professionals, locally and abroad, to tell this timely story.” Timely, because in 2023, the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, reported that loneliness is a public health crisis and epidemic. The impact can lead to greater risk of depression, anxiety, heart disease, and even premature death when people do not feel that they belong.

Marabella, who was born in Aosta, Italy, and adopted by Italian-Americans Anna and Sam Marabella, said of his adoption, “My parents gave me everything I needed, and most of what I wanted. Still, being adopted is a reminder of being abandoned and that leaves you feeling left out or not enough.” And, it’s not just the adoptive child who may struggle with these feelings. Marabella had two older and two younger siblings – some who were adopted, others who were kept by their biological parents. The impact of adoption effects the entire family.

The film has started production here in the U.S., but most of the filming will be done in Italy in September, where Marabella, along with close family friends, will travel to Italy to reunite with his siblings and their families. But, more than that, Marabella hopes he will find what has alluded him his whole life – the pieces of his story that will finally give him what he needs to find his place at the table.

A crowdfunding and grant campaign has begun to fund the production which needs to cover travel expenses to Italy, a crew here in the States and there in Italy. To date, more than $25,000 has been raised of the nearly $160,000 hefty, but lean, budget. For more information, or if you would like to support the production of this film, contact Marabella at

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