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New Poll Reveals Supreme Court Appointments Top Concern for Voters

by Danielle Smith, Keystone State News Connection

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court awarded former President Donald Trump a significant win by giving him immunity from criminal prosecution for what are known as “official acts” taken while in office.

New data show most voters in Pennsylvania and around the country are paying attention and understand the effect the next president could have on the future of the high court.

Sarah Harris, deputy communications director for Stand Up America, said its poll showed most voters see Supreme Court appointments as crucial in their November election decisions.

“Nearly three out of four voters, like 75%, said that the selection and confirmation of Supreme Court justices will be the most important consideration for them in voting for both presidents and US senators in 2024,” Harris reported.

Harris noted four of the current justices will be in their 70s in 2025 when the next president takes office. Her organization’s recent poll found the next president’s opportunity to appoint new judges could reshape the court for generations to come.

Harris reported the poll revealed an overwhelming 40-point margin, 64% to 24% of voters, favor Congressional action to set 18-year term limits for current and future Supreme Court justices.

“No one deserves power for life,” Harris contended. “What we’ve seen is that the court cannot regulate itself, and so having term limits would be really, really important.”

Harris emphasized voting extends beyond personal choice, affecting generations past and future. Ballots shape long-term outcomes, including pivotal decisions such as Supreme Court appointments.

“It’s important to think about generations after us,” Harris argued. “Many of the people who could potentially be put on the bench will be on there for 50 to 60 years potentially, as justices continue to be appointed younger and younger.”

Harris added voters should not feel their fundamental freedoms can be bought and sold. She believes Supreme Court justices should have the same ethical standards as everyone in Congress and all the other judges around the country.

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