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Regional concert previews of Wednesday, Califone, IDLES and more [Seven in Seven]

Welcome to Seven in Seven, where we look at shows coming to the region over the next week. As always, whether your musical tastes are rock and roll, jazz, heavy metal, R&B, singer-songwriter or indie, there’ll always be something to check out.

Here are seven of the best on the docket for the week of June 16:

Wednesday – Friday at Union Transfer

A Wednesday song is like a half-memory, a patchwork of portraits of the American south, disparate moments that somehow make sense. Karly Hartzman, the songwriter/vocalist/guitarist at the helm of the project, is a story collector as much as she is a storyteller: a scholar of people and one-liners. “Rat Saw God,” the Asheville, N.C. indie-rock quintet’s newest LP, is poetry about art while remaining autobiographical and, above all, deeply empathetic. Across the album’s 10 tracks, there’s songs which are half-funny, half-tragic dispatches from North Carolina unfurling somewhere between the wailing dirty ’90s shoegaze and classic country twang, that distorted lap steel and Hartzman’s voice slicing through the din.

Bonny Doon – Sunday at PhilaMOCA

In the past five years, Bonny Doon has shifted from being a Detroit indie rock outfit to a band spread between California and Michigan, and now Michigan and New York. Despite the new challenge of distance, the members leaned on their friendship to sustain the collaboration, which has blossomed more than ever on their third album, “Let There Be Music.” While many songwriters work in solitude, the back-and-forth magic of singer Bobby Colombo and guitarist Bill Lennox’s process is what gives Bonny Doon their unique voice. The two write and compose each song together, planning writing retreats throughout the year to gather ideas, edit songs and give each other feedback, continuing to dedicate themselves to the collaborative effort of being a songwriting team.

Califone – Monday at Johnny Brenda’s

Califone, the long-running experimental rock project of Tim Rutili, has recently released “villagers,” their first album since 2020’s “Echo Mine.” The songs on “villagers” are full of people coming to terms with the gaps between perception and reality, with the very concept of reality, with time slinking constantly toward an unseen cliff. It’s also an album where even songs of devotion focus on loving the other’s imperfections and broken hearts. Recorded in four cities and bolstered by a pool of collaborators, the record’s nine compositions smoothly bounce between taut grooves and rough-sketched studio exploration, seamlessly blending elements of classic AM gold, electronic experimentation, Laurel Canyon harmonies and musique concrete into a horizonless sonic geography.

IDLES – Tuesday at Franklin Music Hall

If you want to see the future of music in one evening, do not miss the IDLES show at Franklin Music Hall on Tuesday night. The UK punk rock/post-punk revival unit put on one of the greatest shows out there right now with their blend of light and heavy, frenetic and furious all led by frontman Joe Talbot, who doubles as the ringmaster to control the circus-like atmosphere of the crowd who quickly become whipped into a frenzy. Gigs of this size aren’t likely to occur much longer as the band migrates into larger venues, one more reason to head downtown at the beginning of the week.

Bayonne – Wednesday, June 21, at Johnny Brenda’s

Since his 2016 debut album, “Primitives,” experimental musician Roger Sellers, aka Bayonne, has channeled his vast imagination into an elegant yet wildly experimental form of electronic pop, equal parts meditative and mesmerizing. In the making of his latest body of work, “Temporary Time,” the Austin-based artist/producer/multi-instrumentalist found himself in even greater need of an outlet for his kinetic creative impulses, thanks to an intense convergence of events in his personal life that included his father’s diagnosis with and eventual death from cancer, the end of a significant relationship, and an overwhelming struggle with depression and anxiety. The byproduct is some incredibly heartfelt material, which will no doubt come across even more powerfully onstage.

Jefferson Berry & The UAC – Thursday, June 22, at The Living Room

Last week, Jefferson Berry & The UAC released their Americana, folk and jam-inspired “Prairie Fire,” and now he’s coming home for an album release party in Ardmore. The 11 original songs featured on the new record find Berry’s signature combination of storytelling in the urban folk tradition accompanied by the skilled precision of the musicians in the UAC. The UAC is anchored by the virtuosity of Bud Burroughs, Dave Brown and Marky B! Berkowitz. While acoustic by nature, never missing is the locked-in bass/drums drive of Uncle Mike Damora with Adam Strandburg and Fred Berman. Complementing all this with his variety of guitar styles, Berry brings a danceable style and contemporary point of view to a unique wing of Americana/jam /folk genres.

Glove – Thursday, June 22, at MilkBoy

Glove is at the forefront of cutting-edge new aged nostalgia. Funneling the feeling of a seedy nightclub into a well-polished package, the pure magnetism and style of the group won them early attention from some of music’s biggest tastemakers across the streaming, media and live music planes. Formed in Tampa, Fla., and made up of Rod Wendt, Brie Deux and Justin Burns, they are a fluid unit wherein there is not a singular front person. This aligns with the band’s creative ethos in opposition to being categorized as one fixed configuration, but rather, fluid, generating intrigue, suspense and excitement among fans. Glove’s live performances are something like a mosh pit mixed with Studio 54, gracing the stages of festivals like Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees and ACL, and on the road with Jack White, Spoon, Foals and more.


• Wednesday –  “Quarry”

• Bonny Doon – “Naturally”

• Califone – “Sweetly”

• IDLES – “When the Lights Come On”

• Bayonne – “Words”

• Jefferson Berry & The UAC – “That Was Me”

• Glove – “Chewing on a Wire”

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