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The Works Revolutionizes Arcade Gaming with Live, Interactive App “Arcade Live at the Works”

by The Works
Image by Oleg Gamulinskii from Pixabay
The Works, a leading entertainment destination known for its “geared for fun” atmosphere, recently announced the launch of a revolutionary new app, Arcade Live at the Works. This innovative platform combines the nostalgia and excitement of classic arcade games with the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming.

Experience the Thrill of Live Action Arcade Games – From Anywhere!

Arcade Live at the Works takes arcade gaming to a whole new level. Players can download the app and remotely control real arcade machines located at The Works directly from their smartphones. This “casual gaming” approach allows players to enjoy the thrill of arcade classics without dedicating hours of their time.

Win Big with High-End Prizes and Licensed Plushies!

The fun doesn’t stop at gameplay! By participating in Arcade Live at the Works, players have the chance to win a vast selection of prizes, including high-end items like PS5s, Xboxes, special edition Legos, Yeti coolers, Stanley Cups, electric scooters, electric bikes, dirt bikes, and over 1500 other incredible options. Unlike traditional claw machines with generic prizes, Arcade Live boasts a collection of all licensed plushies, ensuring players win desirable collectibles.

A Perfect Gift for Gamers of All Ages

Arcade Live at the Works caters not just to individual players but also fosters social connections. The app allows users to send their real prizes to anyone, making it a perfect activity for families and friends. Imagine grandparents sending a coveted plush or even an electric scooter to their grandkids!

Easy to Use, Secure Platform

The app is designed for ease of use with a minimum download age of 13. To ensure a secure experience, users must have a valid payment method on file when creating an account. This focus on security aligns with the responsible gaming approach The Works has always championed.

A New Chapter in Entertainment from The Works

“We’re thrilled to introduce Arcade Live at the Works,” said Chip White, founder of The Works and COO of Arcade Live. “This app perfectly embodies our mission of creating a fun and engaging experience for people of all ages. It blends the nostalgic feel of classic arcades with the cutting-edge world of mobile gaming.”

About The Works

Founded in 2002, The Works has become a cornerstone for family entertainment in the Philadelphia region. Inspired by the industrial history of its location, The Works offers a diverse range of activities, from Laser Tag and Go Karts to a Slide Park and Ballocity, in addition to an award-winning arcade.

Download Arcade Live here today, and get ready for a whole new way to play!

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