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Tower Health says Penn Medicine considering buying Brandywine Hospital

COATESVILLE—Brandywine Hospital has a likely buyer and a huge sigh of relief could be heard across all of Chester County.

Penn Medicine has expressed interest in buying the Brandywine Hospital campus from owner and former operator Tower Health.

“Tower Health is pleased to have signed a Letter of Intent for Penn Medicine to acquire the former Brandywine Hospital Campus,” stated a Tuesday night Tower Health statement released via email. “This is a very positive outcome.

“We wish our colleagues at Penn Medicine great success.”

Tower Health closed Brandywine Hospital on January 31, 2022. Jennersville Hospital was also shuttered a month earlier by Tower Health.

Chester County Hospital, also a Penn facility, and Paoli Memorial Hospital, accepted many new patients, often experience maximum capacity, with sometimes long waits in the emergency rooms.

Ambulance companies had to often travel long distances in light of the two closings.

Based on Tower Health’s press release, here is a statement from Chester County Commissioners Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell and Michelle Kichline:

“We are pleased that Tower Health is agreeing to sell the former Brandywine Hospital to Penn Medicine. Penn Medicine already provides top hospital and healthcare services in Chester County, and the expansion of that investment to the Coatesville and surrounding area is tremendous news – and certainly cause to celebrate! As Penn Medicine completes their due diligence, we will support their efforts in reimagining healthcare access to everyone in Western Chester County.

“From the time Tower Health closed Brandywine and Jennersville Hospitals 18 months ago, we have focused on replacing the lost services with better services, to provide greater care for southern and western Chester County residents.  We were pleased to be part of the group that helped to facilitate a partnership between Penn Medicine and the Coatesville VA Medical Center that has led to the move by Penn Medicine to buy Brandywine Hospital from Tower Health.

“This outcome could not have been accomplished without partnerships – and persistence – at the state and federal level; tremendous support by our EMTs and other stakeholders, and our other hospitals in the county that have worked continuously since the closures to make sure that all health needs, including mental health needs, are met.”

Source: Berkshire mont

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