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Treat your body to relaxing recovery with Theragun Mini massager

Avoiding injuries and recovering more quickly are goals that all athletes strive to achieve. So it’s no surprise that percussion massagers have become a hot commodity in recent years.

These handheld devices use a reciprocating motion to massage your muscle tissue 1,000 to 3,000 times per minute, promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation.

They come with some drawbacks, however, notably that most good ones tend to be big, expensive and loud.

The Theragun Mini makes improvements in all three areas, providing one of the smallest and easiest to handle massagers on the market that still gets the job done.

It features Theragun’s proprietary brushless motor, which offers smooth and relatively quiet performance.

The ergonomic, compact design is easy for people of all sizes to handle, and the 150-minute battery life gives you plenty of time between charges.

While lauded for its portability, the Mini’s ease of use and overall effectiveness should make this the only percussion massager you need.

After a long day of skiing, running, cycling or hiking, a few minutes of using the Mini can help to make sure you’re ready to do it all again the next day.

Price: $199,


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