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Twin Valley Class of 2024 graduation, ‘Dare to be different’

The Twin Valley High School Class of 2024 celebrated graduation at Santander Arena in Reading on June 8.

Salutatorian Emma McNamee said this moment has been the destination, the goal they all of strived for, worked toward, dreamed of and couldn’t wait for. She credits their achievements to their motivation and fearlessness.

“We took the circumstances that faced us, working harder than ever to obtain our goals, putting in countless hours, many sleepless nights and every ounce of fight in us to reach for the stars,” McNamee said.

“High school can be challenging at times, but it was all worth it to be in this moment, sitting in these seats, in our caps and gowns, waiting to receive that diploma. We did it.”

In her final comments to the 244 graduates, McNamee said graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey of experiences, relationships, mistakes and learning.

“It is at this moment now that the world is officially at the tips of our fingers so I enlist you to take every opportunity that arises because possibility is right in front of our eyes,” she said. “You will all be incredible in whatever you do.”

Valedictorian Anjali Nair said their most significant moments in high school are not just their achievements but also the memories they created as a class.

“We have each had our shared experiences that have uniquely influenced our lives,” said Nair. “Our experience was defined by one another.”

They forged bonds that will remain past high school.

“These moments have been the result of being engaged within our community and being committed to our growth,” she said.

As they move forward, Nair said it is important to keep growing, welcome new experiences and take what they learned to strive toward their greatest potential.

“Each of our journeys is a testament to both who we are as people and the people we are becoming,” she said.

Reaching their greatest potential means challenging themselves to do more, pursuing their passions and expressing kindness, compassion and integrity, as well as staying true to themselves and their values.

“Congratulations on the work that you have done to get to this day but more importantly congratulations on the potential you have for the future,” concluded Nair.

The Twin Valley Class of 2024 class speaker Elisa Brown, salutatorian Emma McNamee, valedictorian Anjali Nair, class secretary Morgan Raines and class vice president Camrynn Owens spoke at graduation. (Photo courtesy of Twin Valley School District)
The Twin Valley Class of 2024 class speaker Elisa Brown, salutatorian Emma McNamee, valedictorian Anjali Nair, class secretary Morgan Raines and class vice president Camrynn Owens spoke at graduation. (Photo courtesy of Twin Valley School District)

Class secretary Morgan Raines shared memories of the class of 2024, including decision day, senior trip and senior sunrise when they did not see the sun.

“We have many more memories of our high school careers that we will take with us for the rest of our lives,” said Raines.

Class treasurer Jonathan LaBruto said the Twin Valley village did quite a good job supporting everyone in this class and they are eternally grateful.

“Now, it is our turn to be a part of that village that once nurtured our growth and success,” LaBruto said. “As we prepare to begin the next chapter of our lives, we wish to leave a lasting impression on the community that shaped us.”

LaBruto announced that the senior class gift includes a new water fountain and bottle filling station near the concession stand and a flower garden in the senior lounge.

Class speaker Elisa Brown talked about all the things she couldn’t wait for and let the years fly by.

“Now that our time at Twin Valley is over, I wish I pressed pause and enjoyed more of the small moments,” she said.

“Every football game under the lights. The way my ears would ring for hours after pep rallies… I wish I knew those moments were all one of a kind and that things would never be the same again.”

After they collect their diplomas and say their final goodbyes, this ceremony will just be another memory, she said.

“From here on out, enjoy every embarrassing moment, every mistake, the people you’ll meet, but most importantly enjoy who you are today,” said Brown. “Life isn’t about living for tomorrows.”

Her advice is to soak up every moment because one day, they will all be at a reunion traveling down memory lane wishing they could turn back time.

Class Vice President Camrynn Owens said they are not only celebrating the end of their high school careers but the start of a new journey with endless possibilities.

“We are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today,” said Owens. “Embrace the unknown with courage. Take every opportunity to learn, to explore, to grow, and, finally, to make a difference.”

Class President Clark Gaynor said when the class of 2024 was born, the world was not ready for their fight, their resilience and unwavering adaptability to their constantly changing circumstances.

Looking back, he said they will remember the people.

“It’s the people that make the experience, that make the moments. The people who get you through the rough patches, who help you up when you’re down,” said Gaynor.

He hopes the graduates had an amazing, fun and unforgettable senior year.



Celebrating their years of hard work, dedication and growth, Twin Valley Superintendent Patrick Winters stood before the graduates with a heart full of pride and admiration.

Winters encouraged the graduates to never underestimate the power of learning to change their lives, that each book read and each idea explored opens up new possibilities and grows your mind. Giving one more homework assignment, he told the graduates to keep reading and learning.

“Class of 2024, you are entering a world that will often try to make you conform to what everybody else is doing,” Winters said. “Dare to be different.”

Twin Valley High School Principal William Clements challenged the class of 2024 to seize the opportunity presented by this milestone.

As the graduates embark on this next chapter, he asked them to remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: “In matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

“Let this guiding philosophy shape your decisions and actions as you strive to make a positive impact on the world,” said Clements. “We hold the highest expectations that your choices will not only contribute to your own success but also shape a brighter future for us all.”

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