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Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán to get help for alcohol abuse, is done for season

Domingo Germán has been placed on the restricted list for the second time in his career.

The right-hander agreed Wednesday to voluntarily submit to inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse. Germán will be placed on the restricted list for the time that he is away from the club, which is expected to be the rest of the season, according to Brian Cashman.

“Certainly, it’s a very serious issue that affects way too many people, unfortunately,” Cashman said. “Hopefully, the steps that are being taken today will really benefit him for the remaining part of his life, because it’s a very serious problem that you need to address head-on. These treatment places are significant steps, hopefully towards helping him get the tools to solve it.

“I’m just worried right now for the person and the immediate family.”

While Cashman mostly offered no comments when pressed for details, he said that a “recent situation emerged.” He said he found out about Germán’s most recent battles with alcohol on Tuesday after the 6 p.m. trade deadline. Cashman, who spoke to the team, also said that alcohol had nothing to do with Germán getting scratched from his Monday start with what the Yankees called discomfort in his armpit area.

Cashman added that he spoke to the team about Germán. Giancarlo Stanton, who talked after the Yankees’ Wednesday win over the Rays, said that he “knew of the situation” on Tuesday and “figured” there would be some sort of update on the pitcher before Wednesday’s game.

“It just affects you as a human being,” Gerrit Cole added. “You care about your teammates and you care about your teammates’ families. It’s a sad situation, and you want the best for Domingo.”

Cashman said he couldn’t comment on the length or location of Germán’s treatment program, but that it would “take him offline completely.” In other words, he won’t be preparing for a return to baseball anytime soon.

“He has willingly and voluntarily gone in to seek treatment to try to address the issues that are before him and are really important for him to deal with,” Cashman said.

Cashman also didn’t comment when asked if Germán went to the team in search of help. Cashman took the same approach when asked if the 30-year-old reported any acts of violence.

Germán was put on administrative leave in September 2019 for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy, and he ultimately served an 81-game suspension.

At the time, the suspension was the longest-ever for a player who had been investigated for domestic violence but never criminally charged. It was handed down after Germán became physically violent with his then-girlfriend, Mara Vega, at a team function. According to The Athletic, Germán slapped his girlfriend in front of teammates and their families at a charity gala hosted by CC Sabathia. An MLB investigation found that the violence continued at their home that night, and another Yankees player and their wife had to drive to the house and intervene.

Germán, who was drinking prior to the incident, told the “Con Las Bases Llenas” podcast that he had an “addiction.”

Germán has said that he battled depression after his violent act in 2019, as he realized it could have cost him his family and career. He has sought counseling, according to, and he and Vega are now married with children.

“In some way, this goes back years,” Aaron Boone said of Germán’s alcohol abuse. “I think all of us probably have someone in our life that we can relate to that it’s always an ongoing battle. So I don’t know as far as recent history or since things before that he’s dealt with going back to like 2019.”

Boone has been Germán’s manager through many of his highs and lows, including a perfect game earlier this season. While Boone did not get a chance to speak to Germán on Wednesday, he said they have discussed alcohol in broader conversations about life since 2019.

While Germán has made mistakes off the field, Boone described him as a “good citizen” and “a sweetheart of a guy.” Now the skipper is hoping another leave can put Germán on a healthier path.

“I just want the best for the person that’s going through a difficult time,” Boone said.


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