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ASK IRA: Did Heat err in sitting out Kyle Lowry in Chicago?

Q: There was no reason for the Heat giving Kyle Lowry Saturday off. They have been idle for days. – Paolo.

A: Actually, we should have seen this coming, a back-to-back set scheduled just four games into Kyle Lowry’s comeback from a month, 15 games away due to knee pain. An argument could be made it would have been malpractice to play Kyle in both of these weekend games in Chicago and Detroit. But the remaining two back-to-backs on the Heat schedule feature an upgrade in competition, first at Toronto and then New York, and then at Philadelphia and then Washington. The question is whether the Heat would dare utilize Lowry, who will turn 37 by then, in both games of those sets. As it is, neither the play-in nor the playoffs feature back-to-back games, so it could well be that Kyle will go without a back-to-back set in his return. Still, one would have to wonder if the Heat would have fallen so significantly behind had Lowry been available in Chicago.

Q: Ira, last season when Omer Yurtseven was so successful, the Heat utilized him as a traditional old-school center, playing near the basket. Now when he comes in, he never seems to post-up down low or get the ball there. With the way he is being utilized, he is set up to not be productive. – Joel.

A: It is a completely different role. When Omer Yurtseven was playing last season, it was with Bam Adebayo out, so there was an Omer Yurtseven offense in place. Now it’s a case of merely buying time until Bam gets back in the game. You are correct that the Heat are not going to Omer. That’s by design. You do not build an offense around a player who plays three minutes at a time. Just as there was no Dewayne Dedmon offense or isn’t a Cody Zeller offense.

Q: Nice to see Max Strus getting things done. – John.

A: Chicago is his kind of town. The shame is that no one on the bench joined in on Saturday night. Max scored 20, the rest of the Heat bench had eight. The Victor Oladipo spark has been missing.


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