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ASK IRA: Is Heat’s reality their current middle-of-the-pack standing?

Q: So this is it, Ira? Good enough for wins against Houston and Orlando, bad enough to lose to Denver and Brooklyn? Where’s that going to get you? – Artis.

A: No. 7 in the East? Yes, the victories over the Rockets and Magic were somewhat fool’s gold. And the losses to the Nuggets and Nets were sobering. Yes, the losses came without Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry and Victor Oladipo, but the Nuggets were without Jamal Muray and Aaron Gordon, and the Nets started four players who weren’t even with the team two weeks ago. If the Heat are going to wait for a return to full health, they could be waiting for a while. This basically is who the 2022-23 Heat are — a bit over .500 at times, but never a lot.

Q: So Tyler Herro can play in the three-point contest, but not in the real games? – Rass.

A: Because the real games have players guarding you and players you guard, players who could exacerbate your knee contusion. So as long as Tyler Herro doesn’t run into a ball rack during the 3-point contest on Saturday in Utah, he should be fine. And it’s not as if he was going to stay in Miami for treatment the entire All-Star break.

Q: Ira, I think the break will serve Duncan Robinson well. He needed to get out of his head, exhale. Now we might get to again see the player who came out of nowhere. – Nana.

A: There may be no greater pressure in sports than the specialist who then struggles with his specialty, be it an NBA 3-point shooter, an NFL placekicker, a Major League Baseball closer. But it’s not as if that pressure vanishes upon a return. Duncan Robinson still needs to convert 3-pointers at a high rate. It is what got him here and what got him paid. And from a Heat perspective, it again could make him a marketable commodity.


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