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ASK IRA: So logic says Heat sit Lowry again Thursday, right?

Q: That’s five missed playoff games plus 19 during the regular season. What do you think of Kyle Lowry’s contract now? What do you think of it in three years? – Larry.

A: What I think is that Kyle Lowry missed only one game during the regular season due to injury, and that was the road opener in October due to an ankle. As for the hamstring strain that again had him out again Tuesday night, it doesn’t seem that age discriminates this postseason, with so many leading men sidelined. Yes, the timing couldn’t be worse, but I’m not sure this injury is any more a product of Kyle being 36 as Ja Morant’s injury being a product of his being 22. That said, considering the three-year, $85 million contract the Heat extended in August, I don’t believe it would be out of line for Pat Riley to demand a higher level of conditioning, as he does with all of his aging stars. (Just ask Tim Hardaway, who had a similar build.) But, for now, I can’t fathom Kyle playing Thursday in Philadelphia. At worst, that would give him a full week off before a Game 5, if needed.

Q: If Miami wins this series, they will go up against an even better player by the name of Giannis Antetokounmpo or, arguably, Jayson Tatum. – Rodney, Sarasota.

A: And that’s the thing, it is difficult to win an NBA title in the void of a Top 10 talent (or more than one Top 10 talent). So it comes down to whether you believe Jimmy Butler is part of that group. At least in this series, he certainly has created at least an argument. And Tuesday there certainly could have been more in terms of stats if needed. But they weren’t needed.

Q: Wait, P.J. Tucker had seven assists? – Stephen.

A: Again, subtle contributions of P.J. Tucker. And as impressive as his ball movement might have been, he still was right there to help keep James Harden off his game, while functioning as an anchor of the defense. Again, another night of mostly unsung hero, even when leading all players in assists.


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