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Hyde5: Charles Barkley loses ‘$1 billion bet’ to Shaq on dismal Miami Heat loss to Atlanta

Do we really want to get into that brutal Heat performance? The only entertaining part of that loss to Atlanta in the play-in game was Charles Barkley losing a bet to Shaquille O’Neal over who would win.

“They’re going to beat the Hawks, come on, the Hawks stink,” Barkley said on TNT before the game. “Bet it, whatever you want to. A billion dollars.”

“Ah-haw,” Shaq said, sort-of sounding like a hawk.

At half, when Atlanta led 65-50, Barkley said: “Remember last week we had this conversation. I said neither one of these teams is any good. I thought Miami was good enough to beat the Hawks. Still a long way to go, but neither one of these teams is any good.”

No one would argue that. After Atlanta 116, Heat 105, Shaq sat on the set holding his pinky finger against his face to represent the billions dollars.

Other quotes on the set:

2. ”Obviously, Miami played awful,” Barkley said.

3. Added Kenny Smith about Atlanta’s 63-39 rebound advantage: “The Heat got a small little team out there. They could not get a rebound. Bam Adebayo is out there by himself.”

We’re just realizing this?

4. And as for the Heat’s chances against Toronto or Chicago in the next play-in game on Friday …

“Let’s stop joking around, who cares?” Barkley said. “The eighth seed is not going to beat the top three seeds in the East. The only thing exciting about the Eastern Conferences is the Knicks versus the Cavaliers.”

5. Amen to that.


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