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ICYMI: PA Senators Applaud Impact of TExpL

by Albright College

Lively discussion between Total Experience Learning supporters, TExpL founder Dr. Adelle Schade, and senators took place Tuesday, June 4, in a joint hearing between the Senate Education and Appropriations Committees. This joint hearing was led by Senator Dave Argall, Chair of the Education Committee, and Senator Scott Martin, Chair of the Appropriations Committee. Dr. Schade outlined the challenges she witnessed first-hand in her 25 years as an educator—lack of student engagement in the classroom and teacher retention. She stressed the importance of having a creative mindset and preparing today’s students for real-world working experiences in business and industry.

In attendance was Dr. Lisa Hess, superintendent of the Governor Mifflin School District, who discussed the impact she has seen from Total Experience Learning on her district and, more personally, as a mother. “Total Experience Learning’s methodology resonates deeply with our district’s mission as it empowers teachers to create dynamic learning environments where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Ms. Abby McKay, an English and Communications teacher at Governor Mifflin School District, and her student, Addy Alexander, spoke about how experiential learning has brought research and subjects to life. Ms. McKay emphasized that Total Experience Learning methodologies inspired her as an educator to creatively explore and connect student interests with teaching standards, such as writing and reading comprehension, in her lessons. Her coursework in Total Experience Learning has also opened up doors for more teacher collaboration across districts. She stated, “It truly has changed my view on education and has kept me revitalized and excited.”

Barry Schlouch, President of Schlouch Incorporated, a local business leader and supporter of Governor Mifflin and Total Experience Learning, emphasized the real-world preparedness that comes with experiential learning. Speaking about TExpL, “What I saw four years ago was a systematic approach to helping students win in capitalism.” He relayed the value of developing business and industry skills in children and young adults in a school setting, and his own personal experiences.

“This program is making a real impact on student growth and teacher retention in Berks County,” said Sen. Dave Argall. “Learning more about successful programs like Total Experience Learning is key as we consider how to better prepare our students for the realities of the 21st-century workforce.”

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